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Registering for the SAT

Finding Test Dates and Test Centers

The website of the College Board offers a comprehensive list of testing locations around the world, which are searchable by state (in the U.S.) or by country. The College Board website also lists the seven national and four international test dates for the academic year.

Online SAT Registration

Students register online for the SAT by setting up an account on the College Board website (the account is free of charge). Students should be sure to enter their name exactly as it appears on the identification they plan to use at the test center, and they should also be prepared to upload a photograph. Answering optional questions during the registration process will help connect students to scholarship opportunities.

Registration for the SAT by Mail or Phone

Certain categories of test-taker are required to sign up for the SAT by mail, including students younger than 13, those who wish to test on a Sunday, and registrants unable to upload a digital photograph. Registration by mail involves completion and return of a registration booklet, which is available from the student's high school counselor. Codes for the appropriate test center and colleges must be located and entered on the form (this is done automatically with online registration). Phone registration is available only to students who have previously signed up for a test administration. See the College Board website for the appropriate domestic and international numbers for phone registration.

Registration Fees

The registration fee in the United States is $46 for the SAT and $60 for the SAT with Essay. Students testing in other countries must pay this base fee plus a Non-U.S. Regional Fee between $38 and $53. The registration fee includes four score reports to colleges, which can be designated at registration. There are additional fees for phone registration ($15), change of test center or date ($29), and late registration ($29). The College Board also provides various services for score reporting, such as extra score reports ($12 each), rush order ($31), phone score reports ($15 each), and hand scoring of multiple choice questions or essays ($55). Fee waivers or reductions may be requested by students who would otherwise have difficulty accessing the SAT.

Registration Policies

Identification and photographs used for registration must meet the College Board's requirements, or the student may be denied admission to the test center. IDs must be current and issued by either governments or schools, and photos must be a recognizable representation of the student only (no other persons should appear in registration photos). Regular registration (without the late fee) typically closes about one month before the date of the test, and late registration (with the late fee) ends approximately 10 days prior to the test date.

Accommodations for Disabled Students

The College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office handles requests for testing accommodations. In order to qualify for these accommodations, the test-taker must have a documented long- or short-term disability that meets SSD's definitions. Available accommodations may either concern the test's administration (such as extra time or extended breaks) or alter the test itself (e.g. large-print exams). The request review process takes about seven weeks to complete, and test-takers should therefore initiate requests well ahead of their preferred test date.