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Section: Math - Problem Solving & Data Analysis
Topic: Statistics (Mean/Median)
Difficulty level: Challenging

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The data given below shows the visitors in a museum on 1$^{\text{st}}$ January to 15$^{\text{th}}$ January for a particular year.

DayNumber of
DayNumber of
DayNumber of
1st January326th January4611th January60
2nd January517th January3012th January37
3rd January278th January4213th January46
4th January409th January3514th January30
5th January3310th January6515th January56

Which of the following statement is NOT true for the above data? Treat every option independent of others. (Calculator allowed)

AIf the number of visitors 42 on 8$^{\text{th}}$ January is removed from the given dataset, the average of the dataset, excluding 8$^{\text{th}}$ January, will not change.
BThe difference between the median and the highest number of the dataset is less than 26.
CIf every number in the dataset is increased by 2, the average will also increase by 2.
DIf the dataset is arranged in increasing order, the difference between the average of first four numbers and that of the last four numbers is equal to one of the number in the dataset.

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